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  Data center Singapore
Singapore Data Center

Data Center Facilities

Our Singapore based data center is by far the largest facility in Asia Pacific. It is strategically located at Ayer Rajah, 20 minutes from the Central Business District in Singapore.


UPS and Power Generator Backups

To achieve high availability and relundancy, individual racks are fed with separate power feeds. Power is further backed by multiple diesel generators with fuel storage tanks (for an additional 40 hours of power) as well as multiple UPS that provide backup power for another 30 mins.

  Network Operations Center
This Datacenter is connected to Bell Canada and Shaw networks which are peered with the major U.S. Careerswith 1Gbps capacity on both links Datacenter has leading edge DDoS protection that can handle massive attacks. This protects your Datacenter network from slow down or complete failure like you would see with an unprotected provider. Datacenter guarantees network uptime of 99.99% but it operates at a much higher level then this.
  Continuous Video Surveillance, Security Breach Alarms
Survelliance cameras, video survelliance cameras, motion detectors and security breach alarms safeguard the data center and its perimeter.
  FM 200TM and Pre-Action Dry Sprinkler Fire Suppression System
state-of-the-art fire suppression system constantly monitors the physical environment for smoke, chemicals and other hazardrousmaterials that might spark a fire. The data center is zoned and monitored separately to contain the sperad of any fires. Non-corrosive FM 200™ fire suppression gas is used to prevent equipment damage.
  Raised Floors
Cables, network and bandwidth connectivity points laid beneath the raised floors offer a plug-and-play approach for customers moving into the data center.
  Test / Staging Suites
In order to secure and reduce movement in the data center, our testing and staging suites replicate the data center environment so that customers can install, configure and test their equipment in a secure setting before actual move-in.
  Secure Smart Card Access and Exit Sensors to Monitor Movements to and from the IBX Center
Constant monitoring of staff and visitor acces to and from the data center prevents unauthorised entry or exit.
  Open and Locked Racks, Private Suites and Cages
An array of hosting options provide for our customers' varying hosting requirements.
  Relundant Precision Air-Conditioning with Dehumidifier and Power Distribution
Multiple air-conditioning units and dedicated chillers ensure redundancy, consistent temperature control and maximum airflow through secure ducts beneath the raised floors. The data center is also equipped with dehumidifiers to achieve optimal climate controls.
This Data Center is not owned by Indyawebspace, its own by third party ISP, Indyawebspace Own some racks which are co-located in this data center.


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